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Counselling/ Psychotherapy and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in Islington, North, South and Central London & Outdoor Therapy in the park

If you are thinking of therapy and simply do not know what kind of therapy might be suitable for you, please feel free to contact me.  You would be able to speak about your concerns and together we will look at different options that may be suitable to your individual needs.  I provide counselling & psychotherapy to individuals who have been finding certain aspects of their lives challenging and feel that, now, is time for them to work things through in therapy.  Feeling stuck, unsure which direction you are heading and worrying about many things that confuse you every day can make your life even more unmanageable.  Very often you might feel unmotivated, can not focus on an important task, either at work or college assignment.  You experience it by doing other things, less productive, that could be replaced by something you can use better but do not know how to.  You may find yourself uncomfortable in social situations with others or struggle to connect with your spouse, partner when she or he needs you the most.  There may be a host of underlying difficulties, which cause a huge amount of confusion that often leads to misunderstandings.  These can not be seen clearly at first and continue to go round in your mind and distract you from being fully present in a moment.  

The place of your sessions will be arranged with you before the beginning of therapy.  Whether you choose face to face indoor or outdoor therapy, I would be more than delighted to support you.  I am able to meet in one of the locations once a week in central London near Oxford Street, Hyde Park or Covent Garden.  (Other locations are possible in North, South and Central London). Sessions last 50minutes and are held in an arranged location.  

Therapy in the Park

In outdoor therapy you have an opportunity to be outside in the park, that is very different to a traditional consulting room setting. Some peope find therapy indoors and close places uncomfortable.  Thereby, by being outdoors allows you to experience a sense of freedom and connection to the nature in an open space.  This at the same time supports a general wellbeing and may be used as a tool for working with anxiety and depression as any other presenting challenges you would like to work on in therapy.

It is important to understand the external factors of having therapy outside the therapy room.  We might see people around, animals, hear noises or be in a quieter place hearing noises from a distance.  Please do inform me if you have any phobias of social places or anything you think might not work for you in outdoor therapy.

Online Skype or Phone Therapy

Therapy online may be an opportunity for those individuals who have a very busy life, such as working in business which involves constant movement around the world, being a full time parent or finding it difficult to travel long distance to therapy.  Online therapy might be one of the options to stay in touch and focus on your needs as nowadays travel expenses, busy lifestyles, holiday breaks and other factors may affect the continuous therapeutic journey.  

How does it work?
Online sessions on Skype last 50min.  In order to be able to have Counselling/ Psychotherapy online, you need to have a Skype application downloaded on your computer, laptop or your tablet with a web camera, head phones, and an internet connection.  The sessions are carried out in a private place where you and your therapist can talk safely and comfortably.  The sessions are a subject to the ethics and restrictions of the face to face therapy.


Individual therapy- (face to face, Skype, Phone)- 50 minutes session-  £45

Couples Counselling-   60 minutes session- £50  
                                             90 minutes session- £80

Concessions available upon request for par time, students and unemployed.



How long does therapy last? 

Talking therapy is very individual and gives you space to work on your needs which vary from person to person.  Some individuals decide to stay short term for a variety of reasons, whereas others stay longer because they need more time to reflect and work on their needs.  I provide short term therapy 6 up to 20 sessions, with a choice of staying long term, up until you feel you have done enough for yourself to be ready to go through the challenges life offers from day to day. 

​       To book your free initial 30min consultation, phone 074 9244 1212 or email me [email protected]